About me

Who I am

My name is Oscar Soto, and I'm based in Barcelona (Spain). I have a beautiful wife and a kid. They are my source of energy for my challenging working days.

I'm a Telecoms Engineer specialized in IT Services and ​​Project Management. After several years working as a Network Engineer I decided moving to management roles by leveraging my strong IT background. I took several trainings and certifications (see here) and worked in Service and Project Management positions.

I like challenges and opportunities to grow professionally, so during the last years I've been working in management roles within different industries (automotive, pharma, aeronautical and chemical). I like to think I have a strong list of lessons learned thanks to have worked in different sectors and management roles. I'll be sharing some of them on my Blog.

I'm used to work within all type of organizations. I started in a small company working as a network engineer and currently working for a big multinational swiss company using English as my main work language.

And why a Blog?

During all my professional career, training and supporting my colleagues has been a common pillar in all the roles I've been working on. Recently, I decided going a bit further and registered my personal domain (oscarsoto.net). Right after activating my website I started thinking about how I could leverage that platform to do something useful... and I came up with the Blog idea :)

In this Blog I'll be sharing some key tips and tricks about Project Management and Service Management, based on my years of experience working in these two roles across several industries.

I only expect my Blog to be useful for all of you, and if that's the case feel free to leave a comment so I'll know it.

Important note: During the posts I'll be sharing in my Blog, my comments/recommendations will be based on my personal experience and I know some people may disagree with them. If that's the case, please feel free to leave a comment and share your opinion, which will probably be useful for the Blog readers :)

OK, cool... but what else apart from work?

In my spare time I love doing sports and going to the gym. I've been playing racket sports for the last 10 years (initially tennis and currently padel).

I like also reading. I read a lot of fantastic literature, crime and historical novels. Some writers I follow and I would recommend are: Brandon Sanderson, Juan Gómez-Jurado, Marcos Chicot and Jorge Molist.